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Senrab on 29 Jul 2011
Edited: Sushranth on 21 Jun 2021
I have a Matlab program which I use to prepare points of geographic data. I do this by converting the points out of the Ellipsoid and onto the plane using the following.
mstruct.origin=[45.684 -94.1505]; %TODO: What does this really do?
mstruct.mapparallels=[42.397 48.971];
mfwdtran(mstruct, ...
Since I have some questions about how well this process works I'd like to display the state of Minnesota's Lambert projection using the mstruct I've defined above.
I don't think I can do this with setm. Any thoughts?

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Sushranth on 21 Jun 2021
Edited: Sushranth on 21 Jun 2021
mfwdtran is outdated and will be removed in future releases. You can use projfwd instead.
mstruct.origin=[45.684 -94.1505];
mstruct.mapparallels=[42.397 48.971];
[x y] = projfwd(mstruct, lat, long);
axis equal
You can check the below link for more details on defaultm:-


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