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data in axes is saved after clear GUI

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Hello, I have a GUI plot with radio_button group(2 buttons). I reset the gui with a pushbutton and after clearing all variables in GUI and using cla(axes1,'reset') to clear the plot I get a weird thing: If I click on the radio button that wasnt clicked the plot shows the previous data before the reset. What can I do?

Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 18 Apr 2014
Is it possible that the callback for the radio button is plotting the data all over again?

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Voulgarakis Georgios
Voulgarakis Georgios on 18 Apr 2014
Check the callbacks of the radiobuttons.
Also, how do you clear the variables in the gui?
Keep in mind that when you plot, the values that you plot are staying with the plot. If you delete the variable afterwards, doesn't mean that the plotted values disappear. To delete the plotted values, you'll have to use delete(h) where h is the handle of the plotted values.
axes_handle = axes()
plotted_values_handle = plot(x)
%delete the plotted values


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