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Why do I get this error? Undefined function 'abs' for input arguments of type 'Simulink.Parameter'.

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I get Undefined function 'abs' for input arguments of type 'Simulink.Parameter' error and I do not know why because I do not use any abs functions. I'm useing simpowersystem modeling and i need to have blocks parameters set as ImportedExtrn storage class.

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Niklas Nylén
Niklas Nylén on 9 Apr 2014
Are you using the parameter as a mask value? There may be something below the mask that is attempting to use the parameter that cannot handle Simulink.Parameter parameters.
Jernej on 10 Apr 2014
I am not using any masks. I just use standard simpowersystem blocks and lookuptables and constants from simulink library.
Niklas Nylén
Niklas Nylén on 11 Apr 2014
Simpowersystem models are likely masked systems (I don't have it so I can't check). If you use the Simulink.Parameter in the mask of a simpowersystem block there could be a (bad) implementation of abs(parameter) inside that block.

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