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How do i import signal names from a excel database( a CAN database) for usage in Simulink simulations

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Hello, I have a database of hundreds of signals and I have the signal name field available in the excel format. I need to selectively use the signals ( signal names) in a SIMULINK simulation - how do I do it? I have tried excel import and data import , but they only import the signal values! not the signal names - in my case I will just need the signal names and then specify any test values across that signal names.
Hope I will get an answer soon.

Answers (1)

Srinivas on 8 Apr 2014
did you look at 'xlsread'
[num,txt,raw,custom] = xlsread(filename,sheet,xlRange,'',functionHandle)
this should read the signal names
Vijay Ganti
Vijay Ganti on 9 Apr 2014
Yes. I have been trying different options - like create a mask subsystem out of an constant block - and create a drop down from the "mat" file of signal names.... but no success yet! Will be glad if you could help
Srinivas on 9 Apr 2014
it is still confusing what you are trying to achieve, are you trying to use a script to build your Simulink model. Can you show us a sample of what you did or what you tried so that we get a better picture.

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