read the value of radio button with push button call back

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I created a programmatic gui that calls another gui (included in the same .m file), that second gui has several uicontrols and has a group of three radio buttons and a push button, I want to get which radio button is selected in the group when clicking the push button, I am a beginner with Matlab so I tried several methods but I did not achieve my objective, the push button call back is after the group creation code
how to do that please, Thanks in advance
Zine on 4 Apr 2014
Hi Jan, thanks for reply, I used first the simple code inside the pushbutton callback:
function []=pbtransvalid_Call(hObject, eventdata, handles,varargin)
global myData
value1 = get(handles.ksigmazero, 'value');
value2 = get(handles.sigmazero, 'value');
value3 = get(handles.nonzero, 'value');
if value1
myData.valt = 100;
elseif value2
myData.valt = 200;
elseif value3
myData.valt = 300;
myData is global data structure that I use for all the program declared in the first line of each function or callback as
global myData
if I send the initial status of the group it will not help because the user changes the status before pushing valid button, it sends an error message saying
Undefined function 'pbtransvalid_call' for input arguments of
type 'double'.
Error while evaluating uicontrol Callback

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Accepted Answer

Zine on 4 Apr 2014
Thanks to whom answered and tried to answer me; I found a solution for that by using this answer just adjust it according to the problem

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