How can I view one MuPad doument in multiple windows? Or via split-window?

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My MuPad document is long, and I want to simultaneously view different parts of the document.
Many text editors have "split window" or "new window" features that allow opening a separate window of the same document.
I have not found this for MuPad. Any suggestions?

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Martin Knelleken
Martin Knelleken on 28 Jul 2011
Hi Ian,
Indeed, MuPAD does not have the ability to show the content of the same document twice. Neither in one windows nor in separate ones. However, I agree that this would be helpful feature.
I use a real copy of the document for this purpose. I use the copy for viewing in one window and the original for editing in another one. Obviously, this is not a perfect solution, you have to take care of keeping them in sync. However, it helps a bit to avoid heavy scrolling.
Kind regards
- Martin
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Ian on 30 Jul 2011
Thanks for the reply Martin. Your suggestion is a reasonable workaround, and perhaps the split-window, etc. will be an enhancement for a future version of MuPad.

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