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how to change range of slider (GUI)

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Huseyin on 28 Mar 2014
Edited: Huseyin on 28 Mar 2014
I tried to change the min and max value of the slider (0 and 1) as min=61 max=250 by UICONTROL but matlab does not let me to do it. It gives me warning. How can I fix that?
Huseyin on 28 Mar 2014
I've just fixed it. The 'Value' property should be between min and max. I didn't know that. Now it works, thanks anyway

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Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 28 Mar 2014
Then try using set():
set(handleToSlider, 'min', 61);
set(handleToSlider, 'max', 250);
set(handleToSlider, 'Value', 100); % Somewhere between max and min.
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Huseyin on 28 Mar 2014
Thank you, now it works!

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