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how can i compare two images which are almost the same

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alex on 5 Feb 2014
Commented: alex on 5 Feb 2014
I have a black and white binary image,i create a copy of this image and i compare these two images using histograms. The result is that these images are exactly the same.
I put a black dot(one pixel) somewhere in the first image an then i compare again the two images and of course the result is that they are not the same anymore.
the question is what can i do to compare two images who are generally the same,but they have very very small differences. Differences that you cant see with naked eyes.
Thank you very much


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Accepted Answer

tudor dima
tudor dima on 5 Feb 2014
You could try
>> i3 = xor(i1, i2);
>> imagesc(i3):
% and for some relative measure
>> d = sum(i3(:)) / numel(i3);
Of course, this returns no spatial info, but I'm not sure what exactly are you looking for.

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alex on 5 Feb 2014
you really helped me with your answer! actually in my case its more usefull the i3 = OR(i1, i2); thank you very much for the idea!

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