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Mark trees in an image using MATLAB

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raviraja on 12 Dec 2013
Edited: raviraja on 30 Oct 2014
I want to mark trees present in an image. I tried many color-based segmentation methods like RGB Vector space & HSI Color Space, L*a*b* color space, Watershed segmentation,NDVI methods, but most of the tree areas are missing.
Does anybody know more color detection (or) segmentation procedures..?


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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 12 Dec 2013
I've never done tree detection myself, so check out section 22.1.2 here for papers by people who have :,%20Aerial%20Images,%20Remote%20Sensing,%20Buildings,%20Roads,%20Terrain,%20ATR

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raviraja on 12 Dec 2013
Thanks for the link.. I will go through that..:)

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