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Use the time step within ode15s

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Carina on 10 Dec 2013
Commented: darova on 1 Dec 2019
I am using ode15s to solve a set of differential equation on the form M(t,y)dy/dt = f(t,y). Due to the way I have formulated my ode's now, I need to use the time step from ode15s inside the function f(t,y). As far as I can see, I only have access to the present time 't' when ode15s is working, but is there any way to work around this so I can use the time step dt?

Accepted Answer

Jan on 28 Nov 2019
If the function to be integrated requires the time steps of the solver, something went wrong. I'm convinced that this is a logical error in the implementation. Please explain, why you think you need this.
darova on 1 Dec 2019
THe answer looks correct

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