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how to fill polygone with circles without intersect with each other

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I need help with the code, I want to make a polygone and fill it circles ,but the circles shouldn't intersect with the polygon or with other circles ,please help me with the code

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Jan on 10 Dec 2013
I would assume, that your problem is not the actual coding, but the algorithm to use for solving this non-trivial task. Especially as you do not have (or at least did not state) any additional boundary conditions for acceptable solutions. E.g. are you looking for the minimum number of circles that cover the maximum area inside the polygon? In any case, I would start by looking into algorithms at least roughly concerned with the matter. E.g. how to construct the maximum inscribed circle in a convex polygon (this is much harder than it looks at a first glance). Maybe you can gather ideas from there, that help you solve your problem. E.g. by splitting the (non-convex) polygon into a number of convex polygons and applying the solution obtained above.
Jan on 10 Dec 2013
I just noticed, that Image Analyst provided a very neat answer to the same question just a few days ago. Did you try to implement his approach? If so, where exactly did you get stuck?

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