Use of movie(M) command

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Somesh Singh
Somesh Singh on 3 Jul 2011
Hi to all!!! I am working on the problem of tracking in video. I've extracted the frames from the video. I am facing problems in regenerating the video from the frames. I tried using the 'movie' command and the 'Im2frame' command but it didn't serve the purpose. Pl. suggest some other method. Pl. let me know if there is some way of generating the matrix containing the video by directly performing some mathematical operation(s) on the matrices containing the frames. Also tell if there is some way by which we can identify which portion of the image is represented by each cell value of the image matrix.

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Onomitra Ghosh
Onomitra Ghosh on 3 Jul 2011
How did you extract the frames and how is the data in MATLAB? MOVIE is good to view the video in MATLAB. However if you want to save them back as a video file, you may want to try VideoWriter which can take different type of inputs to create video files.


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