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speech analysis in matlab

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rahman on 26 Nov 2013
Commented: rahman on 27 Nov 2013
Hi all I Have an audio clip from a speech.I want to specify the start and end times of each word in this file.for example suppose that in audio file the 5th word is expressed at 10th second and it takes 4 second then we should have [5(Number of word) 10(start time) 14(end time)] does anyone have any suggestion?

Answers (1)

Jan on 26 Nov 2013
For analyzing one specific audio recording, I would try to threshold the signal energy level. However, as far as I remember it can be shown, that in general the problem of word-tokenizing is nothing short of speech recognition itself.
Jan on 27 Nov 2013
Then you will have to try to specify your question. E.g. do you allready have code which is not running or not doing, what it is supposed to do? Do you not know, how to calculate a signal energy or how to apply a threshold?
rahman on 27 Nov 2013
How can I link this audio with MATLAB or how to get the signals corresponding to this audio?

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