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'--' linestyle renders poorly in PDFs (but fine onscreen)

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Drew Steen
Drew Steen on 1 Jul 2011
Commented: Jan on 9 Oct 2017
When I make a plot using dash-like linestyles and then print the plot to a PDF, the dashes are so small as to be invisible. For example:
plot(x, y, 'Linestyle', '--');
This looks good onscreen, but when I print to a pdf there are so many dashed per unit length that the line looks continuous. Oddly if I print directly to a physical printer, the dashes look fine.
Any idea whether this is Adobe's problem, or MATLAB's? Or whether I can do anything about it?

Accepted Answer

Jan on 1 Jul 2011
The PDF is created by using an intermediate EPS or PS file. The conversion of dashed and dotted lines from Matlab to EPS is poor. Solutions:
Dear TMW: This problem is very old and very obvious. The solution looks very straight. So please update the EPS export accordingly. And to reduce the traffic on MATLAB Answers, buy export_fig and include it in the Matlab toolboxes, please.
Jan on 9 Oct 2017
@Thomas: 3D graphics are renders by OpenGL in many cases. Then the created PDF contains a screenshot only and you cannot modify the contents directly. Please open a new thread and explain clearly, what the inputs are, and show an example of the problem as a screenshot. Thanks.
Again: Prefer to open a new thread than to hijack an existing one. This is an advantage for you and for the forum.

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