Array in array in image??

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Tanakorn Tiay
Tanakorn Tiay on 19 Nov 2013
Commented: Tanakorn Tiay on 20 Nov 2013
I want array value not 0 keep to new array ?
r = img(:,:,1); g = img(:,:,2); b = img(:,:,3);
% double aa; double aa;
AR = [r];
[i,j] = size(AR);
for i = 1:j
if (AR(i) ~= 0)
aa = [AR(i)]

Accepted Answer

Jan on 19 Nov 2013
To get the non-zero elements of an array simply do something like:
A = randn(100, 100);
A_non_zero = A( A~=0 );
This stores the non-zero elements of matrix A in the array A_non_zero.
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Tanakorn Tiay
Tanakorn Tiay on 20 Nov 2013
thank you ^_^ ขอบคุณครับ

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