Why do I receive "error code 16" when I try to start MATLAB Production Server (MPS) using mps-start?

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I created a new instance of MATLAB Production Server (MPS), but I cannot start it.
When I run the command mps-start, I receive the following error:
ERROR: Server failed to start (error code = 16): license checkout failed
Server process exited with return code: 16
(check logs for more information)
How can I resolve this issue and start the MPS instance?

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 31 Mar 2023
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 31 Mar 2023
"Error code 16" indicates one of the following issues:
  • The network license manager is not running
  • The license file and/or license server cannot be located
  • Ports between the Network License Manager and MATLAB Production Server are blocked
To resolve this issue, you must specify the license files and/or license servers by editing the following configuration file:
(where $MPSinstance is the folder that contains the MPS instance.)
To edit the configuration file:
- Go to the folder containing the MPS instance.
- Go to the folder "config".
- Open the file "main_config" in a text editor.
- Locate the section "License Management Settings".
- Locate the following line:
# --license
- Uncomment the line:
- Add colon-separated list of license file(s) and/or license server(s):
--license C:\MPS\licenses\network.lic
--license 27000@mps-license-server
(NOTE: The absolute path must be used for license files.)
- Save the file "main_config".
You should now be able to start the MPS instance.

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