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SimHydraulics modeling beginner question

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Vanja on 26 Oct 2013
Answered: Zack Peters on 28 Oct 2013
Hi all. I need some help with starting simhydraulics simple model. For first I just want to model a pump that takes ambient water and fills up a tank on 10 m altitude. Also there is a pipe between the tank and pump in which I want to see a pressure drop! I have made this model as you can see on the attached picture but it doesn't work. The tank fills up but there is no pressure drop in the pipe.
Please give me some advices for getting started with the simhydraulics.

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Zack Peters
Zack Peters on 28 Oct 2013
Hi Vanja,
The SimHydraulics toolbox has a specific set of blocks that are designed to model pipelines with pressure differentials associated with elevation changes. These blocks, called 'Low Pressure' blocks, are used when the system pressure is low enough such that the elevation changes affect the pressure.



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