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How to send GPIB Interface Commands in Matlab

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Clemens  Nyffeler
Clemens Nyffeler on 25 Oct 2013
Commented: Nick Martin on 16 Feb 2016
How do you send GPIB interface commands in matlab using the instrument control toolbox?
I'm using an old CV meter (Keithley 590CV) that responds to some particular low level interface commands, some of which directly control the TTL levels of individual GPIB bus lines (e.g. IFC is #9, REN is #17). Examples in the manual are given for instructions used when programming a HP-85 compatible machine with BASIC.
Command HP-85 Statement Description
REN REMOTE 7 Remote ENable
IFC ABORTIO 7 InterFace Clear
GTL LOCAL 7 Go To Local
DCL CLEAR 7 Device CLear
SDC CLEAR 715 Selected Device Clear
GET TRIGGER 715 Group Execute Trigger
7 is the interface code for GPIB in the HP-85 environment. 15 is the (factory default) primary GPIB address of the instrument. Hence the commands REN IFC GTL and DCL are broadcast signals received by all instruments on the GPIB bus whereas the remaining commands are addressed to a specific instrument.
The only command I found in the toolbox is trigger(), which sends a GET signal to the specified instrument. How can I send any of the other commands?
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Nick Martin
Nick Martin on 16 Feb 2016
Clemens - did you find a solution to this problem. I'm trying to interface with an HP 5334A Universal Counter that also requires low level interface commands and have had no luck. Any lessons learned that you're willing to share would be appreciated.

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