About microstrip patch antenna array

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BISWA on 25 Oct 2013
Answered: Sourabh Joshi on 8 Dec 2021
Has anyone design a microstrip patch array(linear/planar) with/without mutual coupling using matlab coding? The patch may be a rectangular or may be a circular.

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Sourabh Joshi
Sourabh Joshi on 8 Dec 2021
Antenna Toolbox can be used to design the Microstrip Patch antenna array at any frequency. The below code can be used to design the patch antenna array at 2 GHz and calculate the sparameters and plot using the rfplot function.
% Design the patch Microstrip at 2 GHz
ant1 = patchMicrostrip;
ant1 = design(ant1,2e9);
spar = sparameters(ant1,linspace(1.8e9,2.2e9,11));
% Creating a linear array
% Use linearArray functionality present in Antenna Toolbox
% and use the patchMicrostrip designed above as an element
% in the linear array.
arr = design(linearArray,2e9,ant1);
spar1 = sparameters(arr,linspace(1.8e9,2.2e9,11));

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