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Required number of post-FEC padding bits

Since R2022b



    n = numPostFECPaddingBits(cfg) calculates the required number of post-FEC padding bits in an extremely high-throughput (EHT) transmission parameterized by cfg.


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    Parameterize an extremely high-throughput multi-user (EHT MU) transmission by creating a non-OFDMA wlanEHTMUConfig object. Set the channel bandwidth to 320 MHz.

    cfgEHTMU = wlanEHTMUConfig("CBW320");

    Calculate the number of post-FEC padding bits required for the user.

    n = numPostFECPaddingBits(cfgEHTMU)
    n = 968

    Input Arguments

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    EHT transmission parameters, specified as a wlanEHTMUConfig or wlanEHTTBConfig object.

    Output Arguments

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    Required number of post-FEC padding bits, returned as a vector of integers. The length of n is equal to the number of users. The vector's values are equal to the required number of bits for each user.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2022b

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