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Map a DUT port to an RFNoC interface

Since R2024a



mapPort(dut,dutPorts) maps DUT ports dutPorts to RFNoC interfaces in the DUT dut.


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Create a usrp System object™, specifying a radio setup configuration previously saved in the Radio Setup wizard.

device = usrp("MyRadio");

Configure your radio with the target interfaces.

describeFPGA(device, "ModelName_wthandoffinfo.mat"); 

Create an fpga object to access your DUT on the FPGA of your radio.

dut = fpga(device);

Add an RFNoC register interface to your DUT.

addRFNoCRegisterInterface(dut, ...
    "InterfaceID", "DUTName", ...
    "RFNoCBlock", "0/DUTName#0");

Create a hdlcoder.DUTPort object for the DUT port and specify the properties.

DUTPort_Read_Register = hdlcoder.DUTPort("Read_Register", ...
	"Direction", "OUT", ...
	"DataType", "int16", ...
	"IsComplex", false, ...
	"Dimension", [1 1], ...
	"IOInterface", "DUTName", ...
	"IOInterfaceMapping", 1);

Map the DUT port to the RFNoC interface you added to your DUT.

mapPort(dut, DUTPort_Read_Register);

Connect to the radio and apply radio front end properties.


Read data from the DUT port.

data = readPort(dut,"Read_Register")
data = int16

Release the hardware resources.


Input Arguments

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Target DUT on the FPGA of a target NI USRP radio device, specified as an fpga object.

DUT ports, specified as a hdlcoder.DUTPort (HDL Coder) object array. This object array includes the name and a description of each DUT port, for example the direction and data type of the port.

Version History

Introduced in R2024a