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Cloud Deployment

Deploy MATLAB® Web App Server™ to the Cloud

MATLAB Web App Server lets you host MATLAB apps and Simulink® simulations as interactive web apps. You can deploy MATLAB Web App Server to the cloud using AWS®. MathWorks® provides a reference architecture on GitHub® that you can deploy use to deploy MATLAB Web App Server to AWS and Azure®.

The server can run on Windows®, Linux®, and macOS (Intel® processor) platforms.

For product requirements, see Product Requirements and Platform Availability.


MATLAB Web App Server is designed to run only within a trusted intranet environment, not in the open Internet. For more information, see Potential Risks.

You need an installation of MATLAB and MATLAB Compiler™ to create web apps. Only apps designed using App Designer in MATLAB can be deployed as web apps on the server. For details on how to create web apps for deployment to the server, see Web Apps (MATLAB Compiler).