Web Apps

Package MATLAB® apps for deployment to MATLAB Web App Server

Web apps are MATLAB apps that can run in a web browser. You create an interactive MATLAB app using App Designer, package it using the Web App Compiler, and host it using MATLAB Web App Server. Each web app has a unique URL and can be accessed from a web browser using HTTP or HTTPS protocols. The server has a home page listing all available hosted web apps. You share web apps by sharing the unique URL to a web app or the URL to the home page of the server.

Web apps are designed to run only within a trusted intranet environment, not in the open Internet. For more information, see Potential Risks.

Only apps designed using App Designer can be deployed as web apps. Web apps are supported on Windows®, Linux®, and macOS. For a list of supported web browsers, see Supported Browsers and Platform Incompatibilities.


Web App CompilerPackage App Designer apps for web deployment


webAppCompilerPackage App Designer apps for web deployment


Install and Configure

System Requirements for MATLAB Web App Server

Hardware and software requirements to install and run the MATLAB Web App Server.

Install MATLAB Web App Server

Steps to install the MATLAB Web App Server

Configure MATLAB Web App Server

Register the web apps service and configure server options.

Supported Browsers and Platform Incompatibilities

List of supported web browsers and platform-specific incompatibilities.

Create, Deploy, and Run

Create and Deploy a Web App

Learn how to create and deploy a web app.

Run a Web App

Run and test web apps from a browser.

Simple Mortgage Calculator Web App

Example on how to create, deploy, and run a web app

Limitations and Unsupported Functionality

Limitations and unsupported MATLAB functionality in web apps.



Check the status of each web app.

Web App Session Log

Access the web app session log.


MATLAB Web App Server Security

Security considerations when hosting web apps.

Enabling HTTPS

Configure MATLAB Web App Server to use HTTPS.

Potential Risks

Client, server, and application risks associated with running web apps.

Authoring Secure Web Apps

Guidelines and practices for authoring MATLAB apps to be secure web apps.

Securely Deploying Web Apps

Summary of security guidelines for deploying web apps.