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C/C++ Code Generation

Generate C/C++ code from MATLAB® code

Generate C/C++ source code, static libraries, dynamic libraries, or executables from MATLAB code using the MATLAB Coder™ app or the codegen command. You need MATLAB Coder to generate standalone C and C++ code for supported functions.


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emdEmpirical mode decomposition
cwtfilterbankContinuous wavelet transform filter bank
cwtfreqboundsCWT maximum and minimum frequency or period
centerFrequenciesCWT filter bank bandpass center frequencies
ewtEmpirical wavelet transform
freqzCWT filter bank frequency responses
hhtHilbert-Huang transform
qfactorCWT filter bank quality factor
scalesCWT filter bank scales
scaleSpectrumScale-averaged wavelet spectrum
timeSpectrumTime-averaged wavelet spectrum
waveletsCWT filter bank time-domain wavelets
wcoherenceWavelet coherence and cross-spectrum
wtContinuous wavelet transform with filter bank
wvdWigner-Ville distribution and smoothed pseudo Wigner-Ville distribution
xwvdCross Wigner-Ville distribution and cross smoothed pseudo Wigner-Ville distribution

Discrete Wavelet Transforms

dualtreeKingsbury Q-shift 1-D dual-tree complex wavelet transform
idualtreeKingsbury Q-shift 1-D inverse dual-tree complex wavelet transform
dwtSingle-level 1-D discrete wavelet transform
idwtSingle-level inverse discrete 1-D wavelet transform
haartHaar 1-D wavelet transform
ihaartInverse 1-D Haar wavelet transform
mdwtdecMultisignal 1-D wavelet decomposition
mdwtrecMultisignal 1-D wavelet reconstruction
wavedec1-D wavelet decomposition
waverec1-D wavelet reconstruction

Wavelet Packet Transforms

dwptMultisignal 1-D wavelet packet transform
idwptMultisignal 1-D inverse wavelet packet transform

Nondecimated Discrete Wavelet and Wavelet Packet Transforms

modwtMaximal overlap discrete wavelet transform
imodwtInverse maximal overlap discrete wavelet transform
modwtmraMultiresolution analysis based on MODWT
modwtvarMultiscale variance of maximal overlap discrete wavelet transform
modwptMaximal overlap discrete wavelet packet transform
imodwptInverse maximal overlap discrete wavelet packet transform
modwptdetailsMaximal overlap discrete wavelet packet transform details
swtDiscrete stationary wavelet transform 1-D
iswtInverse discrete stationary wavelet transform 1-D

Wavelet Utilities

appcoef1-D approximation coefficients
detcoef1-D detail coefficients
dyadupDyadic upsampling
meyerauxMeyer wavelet auxiliary function
qbiorthfiltFirst-level dual-tree biorthogonal filters
qorthwavfKingsbury Q-shift filters
wextendExtend vector or matrix
appcoef22-D approximation coefficients
detcoef22-D detail coefficients
dualtree2Kingsbury Q-shift 2-D dual-tree complex wavelet transform
idualtree2Kingsbury Q-shift 2-D inverse dual-tree complex wavelet transform
dwt2Single-level discrete 2-D wavelet transform
filterbankShearlet system filters
frameboundsShearlet system frame bounds
haart22-D Haar wavelet transform
ihaart2Inverse 2-D Haar wavelet transform
idwt2Single-level inverse discrete 2-D wavelet transform
numshearsNumber of shearlets
shearletSystemCone-adapted bandlimited shearlet system
sheart2Shearlet transform
isheart2Inverse shearlet transform
swt2Discrete stationary 2-D wavelet transform
iswt2Inverse discrete stationary 2-D wavelet transform
wavedec22-D wavelet decomposition
waverec22-D wavelet reconstruction
wdenoise2Wavelet image denoising
wextendExtend vector or matrix
wdenoiseWavelet signal denoising
ddencmpDefault values for denoising or compression
wdenAutomatic 1-D denoising
wdencmpDenoising or compression
wthcoef1-D wavelet coefficient thresholding
wthcoef2Wavelet coefficient thresholding 2-D
thselectThreshold selection for denoising
wthreshSoft or hard thresholding
wnoisestEstimate noise of 1-D wavelet coefficients
qmfScaling and Wavelet Filter
convConvolution and polynomial multiplication
conv22-D convolution
fftFast Fourier transform
ifftInverse fast Fourier transform
fft22-D fast Fourier transform
ifft22-D inverse fast Fourier transform
fftshiftShift zero-frequency component to center of spectrum
ifftshiftInverse zero-frequency shift
filter1-D digital filter


Generate C Code by Using the MATLAB Coder App (MATLAB Coder)

Generate C/C++ code from MATLAB code by using the MATLAB Coder app.

Generate C Code at the Command Line (MATLAB Coder)

Generate C/C++ code from MATLAB code by using the codegen command.

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