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Visualize UAV flight logs

Since R2020b


The flightLogSignalMapping provides visualization tools to analyze flight logs. To inspect UAV logs, first load your file using a file or log reader like mavlinktlog or ulogreader. Use preconfigured signal mapping and plots from ULOG or TLOG log files, or define your own signal mapping using mapSignal. Update or add new plots with updatePlot. Then, call show with a structure of data to display the list of configured plots defined in the AvailablePlots property.

For ease of use, specific Predefined Signals and Predefined Plots are provided. Details are listed below or can be viewed by calling info for your specific object.



mapper = flightLogSignalMapping creates a flight log signal mapping object with no preset signal mapping. Before you can visualize signals, map signals using mapSignal.

mapper = flightLogSignalMapping("tlog") creates a flight log signal mapping object for the imported MAVLink TLOG message tables.

mapper = flightLogSignalMapping("ulog") creates a flight log signal mapping object for imported PX4® ULOG files.


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Names of all mapped signals, specified as a string array.

Example: ["Accel" "Gyro" "Mag" "Barometer" "Gyro2"]

Data Types: string

Names of plots that are available based on the mapped signals, specified as a string array. To add plots to this list, either map signals for the Predefined Plots or call updatePlot.

Example: ["Accel" "Gyro" "Mag" "Barometer" "Gyro2"]

Data Types: string

Object Functions

checkSignalCheck mapped signal
copyCreate deep copy of flight log signal mapping object
extractExtract UAV flight log signals as timetables
infoSignal mapping and plot information for UAV log signal mapping
mapSignalMap UAV flight log signal
showDisplay plots for inspection of UAV logs
updatePlotUpdate UAV flight log plot functions

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Version History

Introduced in R2020b

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