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Manage Requirements

In this example, you will use a mobile robot architecture model to manage and trace requirements. You can also view traceability of requirements using a traceability diagram.

For more information about requirements terminology, see Allocate and Trace Requirements from Design to Verification.

Open Model

Open the mobile robot platform architecture model.

Manage Requirements

Manage requirements and architecture together in the Requirements Perspective from Requirements Toolbox™. Navigate to Apps > Requirements Manager. You are now in the Requirements Perspective in System Composer™.

The ex Mobile Robot model with the requirements manager below

Trace Requirements

When you click a component in the Requirements Perspective, linked requirements are highlighted. Conversely, when you click a requirement, the linked components are shown.

Selected component 'Command' and linked requirement shown below as 'Trajectory Planning'.

Use Requirements Traceability Diagram

Visualize traceability of requirements and how they are related using a traceability diagram.

Change the View option on the Requirements Perspective from Requirements to Links. Right-click the Trajectory Planning requirement link and select View Traceability Diagram.

Traceability diagram for the trajectory planning requirement link.

According to this traceability diagram, the Command component implements the three requirements Trajectory Planning, Sensing, and Obstacle reaction.

Change the View option on the Requirements Manager from Links back to Requirements.

For more information, see Visualize Links with Traceability Diagrams (Requirements Toolbox).

Link Requirements

To directly create a link, drag a requirement onto a component or port.

Clicking and dragging 'Battery life' requirement to the 'Battery' component.

You can close the annotation that shows the link as necessary. This action does not delete the link.

You can exit the Requirements Perspective by clicking the perspectives menu on the lower-right corner of the architecture model and selecting Exit perspective.

Exit perspective menu option from lower right hand corner.

For more information on managing requirements from external documents, see Manage Navigation Backlinks in External Requirements Documents (Requirements Toolbox). To integrate the requirement links to the model, see Redirect Reference Requirement Links from Imported File.

Analyze Requirements

You can analyze requirements to maintain completeness and consistency using the Requirements Table (Requirements Toolbox) block. After you identify the issues, you can adjust the requirements.

For more information, see Use a Requirements Table Block to Create Formal Requirements (Requirements Toolbox) and Identify Inconsistent and Incomplete Formal Requirement Sets (Requirements Toolbox).

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