Set IP address for USRP® N2xx and X3xx series radios


I = setsdruip(CURRIP, NEWIP)


I = setsdruip(CURRIP, NEWIP) sets the IP address of the USRP®[1] N2xx or X3xx series radio at the IP address CURRIP. The current IP address is replaced with new IP address, NEWIP. Both CURRIP and NEWIP are dotted quad character vectors, for example, The function setsdruip works by calling the UHD application usrp_burn_mb_eeprom, provided by Ettus ResearchTM, as a system command and returns the command output in I. You must power-cycle the radio for the IP address change to take effect.

[I,S]=setsdruip(CURRIP,NEWIP) returns the status of the system command execution in S. A non-zeros S value indicates an error.


If you change the subnet address of the radio (the subnet address is the third number in the IP character vector), you must reconfigure your host computer's Ethernet port to use the same subnet to be able to communicate with the radio.


Set the IP address of the USRP® radio at IP address to

setsdruip('', '');

[1] USRP, USRP2, UHD, and Ettus Research are trademarks of National Instruments Corp.