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ctree = compact(tree) creates a compact version of tree.


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Compare the size of the classification tree for Fisher's iris data to the compact version of the tree.

load fisheriris
fulltree = fitctree(meas,species);
ctree = compact(fulltree);
b = whos('fulltree'); % b.bytes = size of fulltree
c = whos('ctree'); % c.bytes = size of ctree
[b.bytes c.bytes] % shows ctree uses half the memory
ans = 1×2

       11931        5266

Input Arguments

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Classification tree, specified as a ClassificationTree object. Use the fitctree function to create a classification tree object.

Output Arguments

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Compact decision tree, returned as a CompactClassificationTree object.

You can predict classifications using ctree exactly as you can using tree. However, since ctree does not contain training data, you cannot perform some actions, such as cross validation.

Extended Capabilities

Version History

Introduced in R2011a