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Class: sltest.testmanager.TestCase
Namespace: sltest.testmanager

Get assessment symbols associated with test case

Since R2022a


assessmentSymbols = getAssessmentSymbols(tc)


assessmentSymbols = getAssessmentSymbols(tc) returns the assessment symbols for a test case object.

Input Arguments

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Test case that contains the assessment symbols, specified as an sltest.testmanager.TestCase object.

Output Arguments

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Assessment symbols used in the test case, returned as an array of sltest.testmanager.AssessmentSymbol objects.


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Get the symbols associated with the assessments in a test case and view the first symbol in the returned AssessmentSymbol object.

tf = sltest.testmanager.load('test_traffic.mldatx');

ts = tf.getTestSuites;
tc = tf.getTestSuites.getTestCases;

symObjs = tc.getAssessmentSymbols; 
ans = 
  AssessmentSymbol with properties:

     Name: 'Light1'
    Scope: Signal
    Value: [1x1 struct]

Version History

Introduced in R2022a