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Justify Requirements

Use requirement justification to exclude requirements from the Implementation and Verification Status metrics calculation for your requirement sets. You may have non-functional requirements in your model design specification that cannot be implemented in your design. You may also have requirements that require manual testing, instead of linking to test cases or verification subsystems. You can justify these requirements to override their Implementation and Verification statuses and iterate more effectively on your model design.

A justification is an object associated with a requirement. All justification objects in a requirement set are grouped under a single top-level justification object as its children. Any requirement can be justified for implementation, verification, or both. Justified requirements do not contribute to the overall aggregation of Implementation and Verification Status metrics and appear light blue in the Implemented and Verified columns of the Requirements Editor.

There are two workflows for justifying requirements in Simulink® Requirements™. You can either create a justification object and link requirements to it or use an existing justification object and link requirements to it.

  1. Create a justification object by clicking the icon in the Requirements Editor or Requirements Browser toolbar.

  2. Right-click the requirement you want to link with the justification object and select Justification > Link with new Justification for implementation or Link with new Justification for verification.

To justify a parent requirement and all its child requirements, select the Hierarchical Justification option in the Property Inspector.


You cannot link justification objects to objects that are not requirements.