Requirements Management Interface

Requirements traceability supported by Simulink® Verification and Validation™

Due to the transition of the Simulink Verification and Validation product, if you are using the Requirements Management Interface (RMI) for requirements traceability capability with R2017a or earlier, you require Simulink Check™ to use these capabilities. Simulink Check retains the license feature from Simulink Verification and Validation and allows for usage on older releases. For support of release R2017a or earlier, see Simulink Verification and Validation Transition.

Through the RMI, you can:

  • Associate model-based design elements with requirements.

  • Create links between model-based design elements.

  • Navigate from model-based design elements to requirements in external requirements documents.

  • Navigate from an embedded link in a requirements document to the corresponding model-based design element.

  • Review requirements links in your model by using highlighting and tags that you define.

  • Create reports for your Simulink model that show which objects link to which requirements.