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Troubleshoot Signals Not Accessible by Name

I cannot monitor, trace, or log some signal types in the real-time application.

What This Issue Means

You cannot monitor, trace, or log by name these types of signals in the real-time application:

  • Virtual or bus signals (including signals from bus creator blocks and virtual blocks). For example, assume that you connect the output of a Mux block (a virtual block) to a Simulink® Scope block. The Scope block displays the names of the Mux input signals rather than the names of the Mux output signals.

  • Signals that Simulink optimizes away after you set the Signal storage reuse or Block reduction configuration parameters.

    The output of a block that was optimized away is replaced with the corresponding input signal to the block. To access these signals, make them test points.

  • Signals of complex or multiword data types.

  • If a block name consists only of spaces, Simulink Real-Time™ Explorer does not display a node for signals from that block. To reference such a block:

    • Provide an alphanumeric name for the block.

    • Rebuild and download the model to the target computer.

    • Reconnect the MATLAB® session to the target computer.

Try This Workaround

Check the signal types for the issues described in What This Issue Means.

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