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Workflow for Test Case Generation

To generate the test cases for your model, use the following workflow.

TaskDescriptionFor an example, see


Verify that your model is compatible for use with Simulink® Design Verifier™.

Check Compatibility of the Example Model


Optionally, use the Test Generation Advisor to select model components (atomic subsystems and model blocks) for test generation. Before test generation, you can use the results to better understand your model, particularly large models, complex models, or models for which you are uncertain of the test generation compatibility.

Use Test Generation Advisor to Identify Analyzable Components


If you have Stateflow® objects in your model, in the Configuration Parameters dialog box, on the Diagnostics > Stateflow pane, set Unreachable execution path to error.



Optionally, instrument your model with blocks or MATLAB® functions that specify test objectives and test conditions.

Customize Test Generation


Specify options that control how Simulink Design Verifier generates test cases for your model.

Configure Test Generation Options


Execute the Simulink Design Verifier analysis.

Analyze the Example Model and Reanalyze the Example Model


Review the analysis results.

Review Analysis Results

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