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Exclude and Justify Objectives for Design Error Detection

This example shows how to exclude a model object from Simulink® Design Verifier™ analysis by using a coverage filter file. After performing analysis, you can justify objectives by using Analysis Filter viewer, update the filter file, and review the analysis results.

Step 1: Open the Model

The example model sldvexFilterObjectives is a controller model that operates according to the controller algorithm described in Detect Design Errors in Controller Model.


Step 2: Exclude a Model Object from Analysis

The model is preconfigured with the Ignore objectives based on filter option set to On and a coverage filter file specified by sldvexControllerFilterObjectives_filter.cvf. The coverage filter file consists of a rule that excludes the Abs block from the analysis. For more information on coverage filter file, see Creating and Using Coverage Filters (Simulink Coverage).

On the Apps tab, under Model Verification, Validation, and Test, click Design Verifier. Then, click Detect Design Errors. After the analysis completes, the Results Summary window reports that 5 objectives were processed, out of which, 3 were valid and 2 were falsified. The summary shows that 1 objective was excluded from analysis.

Step 3: Open the Analysis Filter Viewer

On the Results Summary window, click Open filter viewer. The Analysis Filter viewer opens that displays the name, type, and rationale for the excluded objectives specified in the coverage filter file.

Step 4: Justify Objectives

(a) On the Results Summary window, click Highlight analysis results on model. The model is highlighted with the analysis results. The excluded model objects are highlighted in steel blue and the model objects that result in errors are highlighted in red.

(b) To view the excluded objectives, click Abs block and click View. The Analysis Filter viewer opens.

(c) Click the Divide block. The Results Inspector window displays a summary of the objectives.

(d) To justify the division by zero objective, click Justify. The Analysis Filter viewer is updated with a rule that justifies this objective. Optionally, you can update the Mode or Rationale for the objectives.

Step 5: Apply the Filter File and View Results

On the Analysis Filter viewer, click Apply. The model is highlighted with the updated filter. The Divide block is highlighted in green because all the objectives of the block are valid.

To save the updated filter file, in the Analysis Filter viewer, click Save Filter, enter the name of file, and click OK.

Note: After applying the filter, the highlighting of the model objects is as follows:

  • If all the objectives of a block are excluded or justified, it is highlighted in steel blue.

  • If a block has valid and excluded or justified objectives, it is highlighted in green.

  • If a block has falsified and excluded or justified objectives, it is highlighted in red.

For a detailed analysis report, in the Results Summary window, click HTML or PDF. The Design Error Detection Objectives Status chapter reports the excluded and justified objectives along with the valid and falsified objectives.

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