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Extend true duration of input

  • Extender block

Simulink Design Verifier / Temporal Operators


The Extender block extends the true duration of the input signal by a fixed number of steps (finite extension mode) or indefinitely.

True duration of a signal is consecutive time steps during which a signal is true.


Extend the Duration of Input Signal

In this example, do the following:

  • Set the model sample time to 1 second.

  • For the Extender block:

    • Set the Extension Period parameter to Finite.

    • Set the Time steps for extension parameter to 2

If the input signal becomes true during the extension period, the output continues to be true and is extended after the last input true duration is complete. You can see this in the following scope.



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The inputs of the Extender block are of boolean type.

Data Types: Boolean


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The outputs of the Extender block are of boolean type.

Data Types: Boolean


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Specify whether an external Boolean reset signal can reset the block extension. The reset signal also resets the infinite extension. The infinite extension with an external reset is an indefinite extension until the external reset signal becomes true.

Select Finite (the default) to specify a fixed number of time steps for extension. Select Infinite to specify indefinite extension.

For finite extension, specify the number of time steps for extending the true duration (minimum is 1).

Version History

Introduced in R2011a