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Model Setup

Configure model for automated tuning in Control System Tuner

Control System Tuner lets you tune any control architecture modeled in Simulink®. To configure your model for tuning, you specify an operating point for tuning and select the blocks to tune.


Control System TunerTune fixed-structure control systems


Mark Signals of Interest for Control System Analysis and Design

Analysis points allow you to access to internal signals, perform open-loop analysis, or specify requirements for controller tuning in systems modeled in either MATLAB® or Simulink.

How Tuned Simulink Blocks Are Parameterized

Both Control System Tuner and the slTuner interface automatically assign predefined parameterizations to certain Simulink blocks.

Open Control System Tuner for Tuning Simulink Model

Access Control System Tuner app from the Simulink Editor.

Specify Operating Points for Tuning in Control System Tuner

Specify the operating conditions at which Control System Tuner computes system responses and tunes controller parameters for a Simulink model.

Specify Blocks to Tune in Control System Tuner

Specify which blocks in your Simulink are the controller elements that you want to tune.

View and Change Block Parameterization in Control System Tuner

View and edit the parameterization that Control System Tuner applies to each block that you designate for tuning.

Tuning for Multiple Values of Plant Parameters

Use Control System Tuner to tune a control system when there are parameter variations in the plant. This approach to robust controller design lets you tune the system to meet performance objectives when parameters in the plant vary from their nominal values.