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Classical Control Design

Design, tune, and analyze single-input, single-output (SISO) feedback systems

Using the Control System Designer app, you can interactively design and analyze single-input, single-output (SISO) controllers for feedback systems modeled in Simulink®. You can tune controllers using various graphical and automated tuning methods. To choose the best tuning method for your application, see Control System Designer Tuning Methods.


Control System DesignerDesign single-input, single-output (SISO) controllers


Getting Started

Control System Designer Tuning Methods

You can tune compensators using various graphical and automated tuning methods.

What Blocks Are Tunable?

You can tune parameters in certain Simulink blocks using Simulink Control Design™ software.

Mark Signals of Interest for Control System Analysis and Design

Analysis points allow you to access to internal signals, perform open-loop analysis, or specify requirements for controller tuning in systems modeled in either MATLAB® or Simulink.

Design Workflow

Single Loop Feedback/Prefilter Compensator Design

Tune the closed-loop performance of a single-loop system using a feedback compensator, and then tune the system response to changes in the reference signal using a prefilter.

Cascaded Multiloop Feedback Design

To design compensators for cascaded multi-loop systems, first tune the compensator for the inner loop and then tune the outer-loop compensator.

Designing Compensators for Plants with Time Delays

Some Control System Designer design and analysis tools support exact time delays while others use approximations of time delays.

Tune Custom Masked Subsystems

To tune a controller within a custom masked subsystem, you can configure the subsystem as a tunable block.

Compensator Tuning

Design Compensator Using Automated PID Tuning and Graphical Bode Design

Automatically tune the parameters of a PID controller. You can then fine tune the controller performance using graphical design techniques.

Tune Simulink Blocks Using Compensator Editor

Tune Simulink blocks using the Compensator Editor dialog box in Control System Designer.

Analysis and Validation

Analyze Designs Using Response Plots

Analyze your control system designs using the plotting tools in Control System Designer.

Compare Performance of Multiple Designs

Examine the effects of different tuning methods or compensator structures by comparing the performance of multiple compensator designs.

Update Simulink Model and Validate Design

To tune a controller for a nonlinear system, Control System Designer linearizes the Simulink model. Therefore, it is good practice to validate your tuned controller performance using the nonlinear system.

Featured Examples