Deploy Standalone Applications

Create and deploy standalone applications

Create and deploy standalone applications with Simulink® Compiler™ to run simulations on target machines that do not have MATLAB® and Simulink installed.

You can create and deploy standalone applications written in MATLAB code or built in MATLAB App Designer. To run a standalone application, install MATLAB Runtime. For more information, see Install and Configure the MATLAB Runtime (MATLAB Compiler).


configureForDeploymentConfigure Simulink.SimulationInput object for deployment with Simulink Compiler
simulink.compiler.loadEnumTypesConfigure model with enum types for deployment
exportToFMU2CSExport Simulink model to Functional Mock-up Unit (FMU)
mccCompile MATLAB functions for deployment
deploytoolCompile and package functions for external deployment
simSimulate dynamic system
Simulink.SimulationInputCreates SimulationInput objects to make changes to a model for multiple or individual simulations


Deploy Simulations with Tunable Parameters

Create and deploy a simulation from a MATLAB function.

Deploy an App Designer Simulation with Simulink Compiler

Create and deploy a simulation using App Designer.

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