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Simulink 3D Animation Web Viewer

Use the Simulink® 3D Animation™ Web Viewer to access virtual worlds with an HTML5-enabled web browser. You can open a virtual world in Simulink 3D Animation on a host computer and then view it remotely in a web browser on another computer. You do not need to install Simulink 3D Animation on the remote computer.

The Web Viewer supplements the Simulink 3D Animation Viewer. It also supplements the Orbisnap viewer, which comes with Simulink 3D Animation. Some benefits of the Web Viewer include:

  • Multiplatform remote viewing of Simulink 3D Animation virtual worlds

    • Support for HTML5-enabled browsers on Microsoft® Windows®, Macintosh, and Linux® platforms

  • No additional software installation required on client computers

  • Access to HTML5 browser features for creating customized pages with virtual reality visualization


Because the Web Viewer accesses an HTML version of the virtual world, you cannot use it to modify the virtual world (for example, to create viewpoints).

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