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Class: vrfigure

Check validity of vrfigure object handles


valid_handles = isvalid(vrfigure_vector)


valid_handles = isvalid(vrfigure_vector) detects whether the vrfigure handles are valid.

Input Arguments

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Virtual reality figure vector, specified as a vrfigure object.

Output Arguments

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Virtual reality figure image, captured as a logical array. The array that contains a 1 where the vrfigure handles are valid and returns a 0 where they are not.


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Check whether the figure handles of the vrfigure object are valid. The first check shows that the figure handle is valid, but the second check shows that the handle is invalid because the figure is closed.

myworld = vrview('vrpend');

Figure Inverted Pendulum contains objects of type hgjavacomponent, uimenu, uipanel, uitoolbar.

f = vrfigure(myworld);
firstCheck = isvalid(f)
firstCheck = logical

secondCheck = isvalid(f)
secondCheck = logical

Version History

Introduced before R2006a