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Reload specific custom toolstrip component

Since R2023b



    slUpdateToolstripComponent(component) reloads the custom Simulink® Toolstrip component specified by component. When you make changes to the files in the resources folder of a custom toolstrip component, to see the changes in the toolstrip, you must reload the component. Use this function to reload a specific component. To reload the entire toolstrip, use the slReloadToolstripConfig function.


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    Open a Simulink® model.


    Create a new Simulink Toolstrip tab by entering these commands in the MATLAB® Command Window. The first command places the current folder on the MATLAB path. For more information, see slCreateToolstripComponent.

    slCreateToolstripTab("propertiesFileName","componentName",Title="CUSTOM TAB");

    A resources folder is created in the current folder.

    To change the tab title, open the resources folder and then the json folder.

    Open the propertiesFileName.json file and change "title": "CUSTOM TAB" to "title": "NEW".

    Save the file.

    To reload the component, enter this command.


    In the toolstrip, the title of the custom tab changes to New.

    Input Arguments

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    Custom toolstrip component, specified as a string or character vector. This value is the component name or the path of the parent folder of the resources folder that corresponds to the component.

    Example: "componentName"

    Data Types: char | string

    Version History

    Introduced in R2023b