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Apply data from selected parameterization to Cell object

Since R2023a



applyCellDataFromPart(batteryCell) updates the Geometry, Mass, Capacity, and Energy properties of the Cell object batteryCell. The applied data depends on the parameterization you specified in the ParameterizationManufacturer and ParameterizationPartNumber properties of the Cell object.


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Create a Cell object.

import simscape.battery.builder.*
battCell = Cell(Geometry = CylindricalGeometry);

Choose the parameterization. Set the ParameterizationManufacturer and ParameterizationPartNumber properties.

battCell.ParameterizationManufacturer = "A123";
battCell.ParameterizationPartNumber = "ALM12V7";

Apply the parameterization data by using the applyCellDataFromPart function.


Input Arguments

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Cell to update with the data from the selected parameterization, specified as a Cell object.

Version History

Introduced in R2023a