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Set pseudorandom binary sequence (PRBS) pattern and number of symbols to simulate in SerDes model

  • Library:
  • SerDes Toolbox / Utilities

  • Stimulus block


The Stimulus sets the PRBS pattern and the number of symbols to simulate in a SerDes Toolbox™ model.



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Output pattern with a specific PRBS pattern, specified as a vector.

Data Types: double


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Order of the pseudorandom binary sequence.


This parameter is only editable when Custom stimulus option is deselected.

Programmatic Use

  • Use get_param(gcb,'PRBS') to view the current value of PRBS.

  • Use set_param(gcb,'PRBS',value) to set PRBS to a specific value.

Length of the PRBS pattern used for simulation, specified as a positive integer.

Programmatic Use

  • Use get_param(gcb,'NumberOfSymbols') to view the current value of Number of symbols.

  • Use set_param(gcb,'NumberOfSymbols',value) to set Number of symbols to a specific value.

Select to input a custom stimulus. By default, this option is deselected.

If you enable this option, you can manually enter a vector containing the input voltages at sample interval spacing as your stimulus.

Example: [zeros(1,(SymbolTime/SampleInterval)),ones(1,(SymbolTime/SampleInterval))]-0.5

Minimum time the simulation must run for meaningful results, specified as a positive real scalar in seconds. Recommended simulation stop time (s) is calculated by multiplying the Sample Interval from the Configuration block with the Number of symbols.

Data Types: double

Select to directly set the Recommended simulation stop time as the simulation stop time. By default, this option is selected.

Version History

Introduced in R2019a