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Working with MATLAB Functions

Use MATLAB® functions to program BBC micro:bit

The Simulink® Coder™ Support Package for BBC micro:bit supports MATLAB functions for BBC micro:bit. These functions enable you to communicate with BBC micro:bit from a host computer running MATLAB. Using MATLAB functions, you can collect data from the sensors on BBC micro:bit and actuate devices attached to BBC micro:bit.


microbitConnect to BBC micro:bit hardware
readRead data from accelerometer and magnetometer sensors, or read data from an I2C device, connected to BBC micro:bit board
readAccelerationRead data from the accelerometer sensor on BBC micro:bit board
readMagneticFieldRead data from the magnetometer sensor on BBC micro:bit board
writeLEDWrite to BBC micro:bit LED
clearLEDClear the data displayed on the LED on BBC micro:bit
showPinsView an image of BBC micro:bit showing all the pins on the edge connector
configurePinConfigure and display pin modes on BBC micro:bit board
writeDigitalPinWrite to digital pin on BBC micro:bit board
readVoltageRead analog pin voltage on BBC micro:bit board
readDigitalPinRead data from digital pin on BBC micro:bit board
writePWMVoltage Write PWM voltage value on BBC micro:bit board pin
writePWMDutyCycle Set PWM duty cycle on BBC micro:bit board pin
scanI2CBus Scan BBC micro:bit board for I2C device addresses
deviceConnect to device on I2C or SPI bus on BBC micro:bit board
writeWrite data to an I2C device connected to BBC micro:bit board
writeReadWrite and read data from SPI device
readRegisterRead data from I2C device register
writeRegisterWrite data to I2C device register