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Stateflow Hierarchy

Provide visual representation of the hierarchy of a Stateflow object


This component inserts a tree that shows the hierarchy of a given Stateflow® object.

Tree Options

  • Construct tree from: Specifies the object to use for the tree representation.

    • Current object

    • Root of current object: Starts reporting from the top of the hierarchy.

  • Emphasize current object in tree: Highlights the current object in the tree representation.

  • Show number of parents: Specifies the number of parents to include in the tree representation.

  • Show siblings: Displays siblings in the tree representation.

  • Show children to depth: Specifies the depth of children to display for each object in the tree representation.


  • Show junctions: Specifies the level of junction detail to display in the generated report.

    • All

    • Non-redundant

    • None

  • Show transitions: Specifies the level of transition detail to display in the generated report.

    • All

    • Labeled or non-redundant

    • Non-redundant

    • Labeled

    • None

  • Skip autogenerated charts under truth tables: Excludes autogenerated charts under truth tables.

List Formatting

  • List style:

    • Bulleted list

    • Numbered list: Allows you to specify numbering options in the Numbering style section.

      • Numbering style: Allows you to specify a numbering style. This setting supports only the RTF/DOC report format.

        • 1,2,3,4...

        • a,b,c,d...

        • A,B,C,D...

        • i,ii,iii,iv...

        • I,II,III,IV...

        To show the parent number in each list entry, select Show parent number in nested list (1.1.a). To show only the current number or letter, select Show only current list value (a).

Insert Anything into Report?

Yes. Tree graphic.