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Calculate characteristic impedance of transmission line object



z0 = getZ0(transmissionline,frequency) returns the characteristic impedance z0, of a transmission line object at the given frequency.


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Create a coaxial transmission line with these specifications:

  • Outside diameter of the conductor : 0.45 mm,

  • Inside diameter of the conductor : 1.47 mm

  • Conductor conductivity : 5.8e7

  • Relative permittivity of polyimide dielectric : 3.4

coaxialtxline = txlineCoaxial('OuterRadius',1.47e-3,'InnerRadius',0.45e-3,...
coaxialtxline = 
  txlineCoaxial: Coaxial element

           Name: 'Coaxial'
    OuterRadius: 0.0015
    InnerRadius: 4.5000e-04
            MuR: 1
       EpsilonR: 3.4000
    LossTangent: 0
      SigmaCond: 58000000
     LineLength: 0.0100
    Termination: 'NotApplicable'
       StubMode: 'NotAStub'
       NumPorts: 2
      Terminals: {'p1+'  'p2+'  'p1-'  'p2-'}

Calculate the characteristic impedance of the transmission line.

charimpedance = getZ0(coaxialtxline,6e9)
charimpedance = 38.4927 - 0.0201i

Input Arguments

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Transmission line, specified as any one of the txline objects: txlineCoaxialtxlineCPWtxlineMicrostriptxlineParallelPlatetxlineRLCGLinetxlineTwoWire objects.

Frequency to calculate noise figure, specified as a positive scalar in hertz.

Output Arguments

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Characteristic impedance of the transmission line, returned as a complex scalar.

Data Types: double

Introduced in R2020b