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Polyspace Access

Identify coding defects, review static analysis results, and monitor software quality metrics

Polyspace® Access™ enables software engineering teams to check their code quality throughout the software development life cycle. It includes Polyspace as You Code, an IDE plugin that lets developers detect code compliance deviations, software defects, and security vulnerabilities before submitting the code for integration. It also provides access to a web interface for reviewing static code analysis results of integrated source code, produced by Polyspace Bug Finder™ Server™ and Polyspace Code Prover™ Server.

Polyspace as You Code detects critical defects and security vulnerabilities and checks for code compliance with coding rule standards such as MISRA C™, MISRA™ C++, AUTOSAR C++14, CERT® C, CERT C++, as well as custom naming conventions. Integrated as a plugin into the developer's IDE such as Visual Studio®, Visual Studio Code, or Eclipse™, it reports the findings within the source code view. And when connected to the Polyspace Access central repository, it can highlight only new issues added by the developer compared to the development baseline. 

The web interface lets developers and quality engineers collaborate across projects on static code analysis results. From project dashboard to finding details, team members can monitor quality trends and analyze, review, and assign software vulnerabilities, code metrics, critical run-time errors, and adherence to coding standards. The integration with project management tools such as JIRA enables team-based collaboration on code quality. Polyspace Access includes a central repository, hosted on-premises or cloud-based, that integrates with authentication systems such as LDAP to control access to project data.

Get Started

Learn the basics of Polyspace Access

Install Polyspace Access

Install Polyspace products on server or IDEs

Set Up Polyspace Analysis in IDEs

Check C/C++ code for defects in IDEs such as Eclipse, Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code

Review Analysis Results

Review Polyspace results in web browser or IDEs

Polyspace Access Examples

Sample scripts and templates to run Polyspace from different environments, C/C++ code examples showing bugs and coding rule violations