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Location of MPI implementation



    [primaryLib,extras] = mpiLibConf returns the message passing interface (MPI) implementation library that communicating jobs use. primaryLib is the name of the shared library file containing the MPI entry points. extras specifies the names of other libraries that the MPI library requires.

    This function supports only third-party schedulers.

    To supply an alternative MPI implementation, create a file with the name mpiLibConf and the .m extension, and place it on the MATLAB® path. The recommended location is matlabroot/toolbox/parallel/user. Your mpiLibConf file must be higher on the path of the cluster workers than matlabroot/toolbox/parallel/mpi. Setting mpiLibConf as a file dependency for this purpose does not work. After your mpiLibConf file is in place, update the toolbox path caching by running this command in the MATLAB Command Window.

    rehash toolboxcache


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    Use the mpiLibConf function to display the current MPI implementation library for communicating jobs.

    [primaryLib,extras] = mpiLibConf
    primaryLib =
    extras =
      0×0 empty cell array

    Output Arguments

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    Name of the primary MPI implementation library that communicating jobs use, returned as a character vector.

    Data Types: char

    Names of the other libraries that the primary MPI library needs, returned as a cell array of character vectors.

    Data Types: cell


    The MPI library must support all MPI-1 functions. Additionally, the MPI library must support null arguments to MPI_Init, as defined in section 4.2 of the MPI-2 standard. The library must also use an mpi.h header file that is fully compatible with MPICH2.

    You must launch the workers using the version of mpiexec that corresponds to the MPI library you are using. You often need to launch the corresponding process management daemons on the cluster before calling mpiexec.

    Version History

    Introduced before R2006a