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Task objects belonging to job object


tasks = findTask(j)
tasks = findTask(j, taskFcn)
[pending running completed] = findTask(j)
tasks = findTask(j,'p1',v1,'p2',v2,...)



Job object.


Returned task objects.


Array of tasks in job obj whose State is pending.


Array of tasks in job obj whose State is running.


Array of completed tasks in job obj, i.e., those whose State is finished or failed.

p1, p2

Task object properties to match.

v1, v2

Values for corresponding object properties.


tasks = findTask(j) gets a 1-by-N array of task objects belonging to a job object j. Tasks in the array are ordered by the ID property of the tasks, indicating the sequence in which they were created.

tasks = findTask(j, taskFcn) returns an array of task objects that belong to the job j, using taskFcn to select them. taskFcn is a function handle that accepts j.Tasks as an input argument, and returns a logical array indicating the tasks to return.

[pending running completed] = findTask(j) returns arrays of all task objects stored in the job object j, sorted by state. Within each array (pending, running, and completed), the tasks are returned in sequence of creation.

tasks = findTask(j,'p1',v1,'p2',v2,...) returns an array of task objects belonging to a job object j. The returned task objects will be only those matching the specified property-value pairs, p1, v1, p2, v2, etc. The property name must be a character vector, with the value being the appropriate type for that property. For a match, the object property value must be exactly the same as specified, including letter case. For example, if a task's Name property value is MyTask, then findTask will not find that object while searching for a Name property value of mytask.


Create a job object.

c = parcluster();
j = createJob(c);

Add a task to the job object.


Find all task objects now part of job j.

t = findTask(j)


If job j is contained in a remote service, findTask will result in a call to the remote service. This could result in findTask taking a long time to complete, depending on the number of tasks retrieved and the network speed. Also, if the remote service is no longer available, an error will be thrown.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a