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Server Diagnostic Tools

Log Files

Each server writes a log file containing data from both the main server process, as well as the workers, named server_name/log/main.log. You can change the primary log folder name from the default value (log) by setting the option log-root in the main_config server configuration file.

The primary log folder contains the main.log file, as well as a symbolic link to this file with the auto-generated name of main_date_fileID.log.

The stdout stream of the main server process is captured as log/main.out.

The stderr stream of the main server process is captured as log/main.err.

For information on viewing logs for a server deployment in the cloud, see View Logs.

Process Identification Files (PID Files)

In an on-premises MATLAB® Production Server™ installation, each process that the server runs generates a Process Identification File (PID File) in the folder identified as pid-root in main_config.

The main server PID file is; for each MATLAB Runtime worker process, it is, where n is the unique identifier of the worker.

PID files are automatically deleted when a process exits.

Endpoint Files

In an on-premises MATLAB Production Server installation, endpoint files are generated to capture information about the server’s bound external interfaces. The files are created when you start a server instance and deleted when you stop it.

server_name/endpoint/http contains the IP address and port of the clients connecting to the server. This information can be useful in the event that zero is specified in main_config, indicating that the server bind to a free port.

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